About Our Firm

Established in 1913 Joynt and Crawford LLP has continuously provided a professional and personal service for over a hundred years.

The Story Behind our Law Firm

Francis C.D. Joynt and Samuel H. Crawford signed a partnership agreement on the 11th June 1913 and the firm of “Joynt & Crawford” came into being at 6 Bachelor's Walk in the City of Dublin.

Over a hundred years and several changes of address later, the firm is still very much in being and members of the third generation of the Crawford family are still at the centre of it.

In a couple of sentences, this tells you a lot about Joynt & Crawford. It is a vigorous and forward looking firm, which has moved with the times in order to survive and expand, but which has retained the core family values of prompt, efficient and personal service.

During that period, it has provided sound legal advice to private clients, family businesses, national charities and to multinational and public companies. By ensuring that we retain those traditional values while continuing to provide up to the minute advice, Joynt & Crawford intends that it will be at the forefront of the legal profession in Dublin for many, many years to come.