Family of Tracey Campbell Fitzpatrick receive an apology from the HSE and St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny after “5 years from hell”.

Tracey died on the 28th March, 2016, shortly after giving birth to her second son

February 24, 2021

Tracey died on the 28th March, 2016, shortly after giving birth to her second son, due to failings in care and a lack of effective intervention at St Luke’s Hospital. The Protocols and Recommendations in place at the time provided that the Consultant should have been alerted, an experienced midwife should have been called, a scribe appointed, the Blood transfusion laboratory should have been alerted, the Consultant Haematologist should have been alerted, Porters should have been called for delivery of specimens and blood and, if bleeding persisted, the patient should have been moved to theatre.  The Protocol was not implemented adequately and in some parts not at all.  Due to a catastrophic cascade of errors, Tracey was not cared for correctly, resulting in her death.

At the Inquest, the Verdict was given that Tracey had died from natural causes as a result of a rare medical event, called an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE).   This Verdict was not accepted by Tracey’s husband and family, who instructed this firm to issue proceedings against the HSE for the immeasurable loss of Tracey.

After 5 expert reports were obtained in the UK and the US demonstrating that AFE was not the cause of death and a five year physical, psychological and emotional ordeal, the case was ultimately settled in mediation.  An admission of liability was given and an apology read out in the High Court.

The settlement included costs of care for Tracey’s 2 sons, compensation for funeral expenses and compensation for loss of dependency.